Monday, March 30, 2009


The importance of first exploring intimacy within oneself, before consciously approaching integration of the family imprint, cannot be overstated. This is because certain realizations require integration in order not to cause any unnecessary hurt and confusion around the family table.

The first realization requiring experiential integration is:

1. Whenever we are emotionally triggered by another, or because of an unfolding circumstance, we are experiencing the surfacing of a memory.

The surfacing memory seldom has anything to do with the physical circumstance or person reflecting it. They, like a mirror, are the outer surface upon which an external projection of an inner energetic imprint is being played out.

Physically tampering with the outer manifestation of such a memory – by attempting to rearrange physical circumstances through sedation or control - is in-effect-you-all. In the short term it may feel good – may appear effective - but the unfolding of time inevitably reveals nothing real and hence lasting is accomplished.

Also, tampering with any thought form triggered by this surfacing memory is equally in-effect-you-all. At some point, we discover that ‘changing the way we think about something’ does not ‘change the way we feel about it’ if we have not simultaneously impacted that thought-form causally through unconditional felt-perception.

When we do not transform the way we feel about something – nothing actual changes.

The surfacing memory related to any emotionally-triggering event in its purest, primal form, is ‘the felt-aspect’ of the triggering experience.

We are upset be/cause we feel upset.

While we are learning how to recognize and integrate these surfacing memories, naming the uncomfortable felt-aspect of our upsetting experience may be useful. However, it is not through mental labeling, but through ‘feeling this memory unconditionally’, that authentic integration of an imprinted emotional signature is accomplished.

This automatically and seamlessly leads us into our next required realization:

2. The causal point of the surfacing memory that is upsetting us is accessed and integrated by impacting the imprinted condition within our emotional body through unconditional felt-perception.

This cannot be overstated.

Once achieving these above two realizations experientially, we become less and less inclined to meddle with others or outer circumstances when triggered in a manner that causes us felt-discomfort.

We instead reflect upon them as being akin to a holographic mirror.

We also become less and less inclined to mentally anal eyes what is occurring within our field of experience. We real eyes that, ‘a story is just a story’ - no matter how interesting or dramatic - no matter if it even stands up in court - it is still a mental explanation of a primal, energetic, felt-predicament.

Consequently, when upset - we choose to consciously place our attention upon the felt-aspect of our triggering experience and to contain it unconditionally.

Being prepared to feel our own fear, anger, and grief – and to journey inward upon their spiraling currents - beyond the place of having to name anything – into purely being unconditionally with these resonances through felt-perception – is what establishes authentic intimacy with and within ourselves.

Because the emotional realm is one perceptual shift away from our authentic vibrational essence on the tuning dial of our human experience – by consciously feeling our emotional content, we become ever closer to ourselves.

This increasing closeness to our vibrational resonance is profoundly intimate. It gradually brings about the vibrancy of authenticity and integrity.

The more intimate we become with and within ourselves, the more we real eyes that the most wonderful contribution we may make to another’s experience is to take responsibility for the causality of our own.

Once we experientially real eyes the above perceptual stepping stones – we are ready to enter another dimension of our emotional heart-work: Integrating the uncomfortable felt-experiences as reflected to us by our birth family.

If we enter this terrain of our heart-work without having to some extent experientially visited the above realizations, we invariably cause unnecessary chaos within our family.

If we skip over this part of our heart work, we then unconsciously 'take it out' on our companion. We turn our lover into our mother or father or brother or sister, or into a kaleidoscope containing them all.

By entering the family work consciously, we open our hearts to a more conscious and rewarding experience with our lover.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My mental approach to spirituality has been fun - extremely nourishing - and very entertaining. However, I discovered that approaching spirituality primarily mentally, is wrought with pitfalls. [This is why many mental body teachers love to stand themselves up in front of pull-pits.]

It took me a long time to figure out that mental aspect of our journey is to be continually integrated - consistently moved through - and embraced as 'a bridge' empowering us to move along The Pathway Of Awareness from the physically manifest and into the emotional.

If we cherish 'understanding' above all else, and so place our mental body upon our altar as The Holy Grail, we may experience regular doses of frustration and disappointment - the same sort of frustration one would experience when attempting to vacuum our home with a spurting hose pipe.

For example, we are told, 'We ought to love everyone'. Why? Because everyone is a divine expression of the one creator - or some reasoning like this. This definitely sounds groovy, and undoubtedly all with heart naturally seek to love everyone.

We are also told, 'We are one', and so ought live in oneness with everyone.

The pitfall here is the mental body cannot, of its own a-chord, grasp these two revelations through its addiction to 'understanding' or 'anal-I-sing' the words that make up the sentences that transmit the vibration of each revelation.

The mental body cannot feel revelation, therefore it cannot hear it, and therefore is unable to listen and fully receive it. This inadequacy leads to overcompensating through 'control' - to the instillation of important rules, complex formulae, detailed logically-driven concepts, and prioritized lists, etc, by which it attempts to demonstrate its 'understandings' of what it thinks is being revealed.

To the mental body, the above two statements often translate as follows:

1. Loving everyone means treating everyone the same. Or, when perceiving this from a deeper, causal perspective: Loving everyone means we ought feel the same about everyone.

Accordingly, when we approach spirituality mentally, to accomplish what we assume these revelations mean, we design a persona who 'appears as being spiritually enlightened': One who loves everybody, is kind to everyone, is nice to people, resides in a constant state of 'bliss', and so on. This pretence is so exhausting we have to take retreats to keep it all together!

The mental body has unlimited guidelines, moral codes, and an entire index of behavioral traits to choose from in manufacturing this 'spiritual appearance'. The behavioral traits we choose are determined by our adult definition of what love is - and invariably - when we attempt to practically apply this with any level of consistency - we are then sabotaged by our childhood definition of what love is.

Yup, attempting to behave in a heavenly manner according to the mental body parameters of what this means is guaranteed to bring out the hell in us all.

2. Then, there is statement number two - that 'we are one'. To the mental body, the notion of 'oneness' means, we all ought to believe in the same thing, like the same things, do the same things, wear the same things, and eat the same things. Like good little spiritual soldiers.

Life to the mental body is 'a fashion' in which even being deliberately unfashionable spurns its own fashion. When our spirituality is mentally-driven, we consciously and unconsciously model our mentally-manufactured spiritual appearances according to a how we believe our 'oneness-mentality' is meant to be outwardly dressed up and fed to others.

This is all fun and games as we first explore it. We also take it very seriously too - as we ought to while immersing ourselves in the intriguing adventure. We wear sacred objects, white clothing with Mandarin collars, eat vegetarian food, attend meditation classes, raise money to save the Rain Forest, watch movies off the spiritual film circuit, and read everything by Deepak & Dyer. The mental body offers us an unending banquet of titillating treats and retreats.

Yet, we invariably arrive at the realization that despite all our mental gymnastics - there are still aspects of our development which remain stagnant.

We know this to be true, when after years of metaphysical manipulation, we still cannot sit in peace around the dinner table at a family gathering. Despite our mentally-manufactured spiritual exterior, our family experience is still not in one peace.

One of my biggest and most profoundly awakening [and jarring] insights is: That all metaphysics - from Reiki to Ascension procedures to light, sound, and color therapies - all of it - is for mental body activation, exploration, and integration. It is all mental - and if we focus too much on it, we too become mental.

I realized that, in any moment, each 'mental understanding' I receive is to be moved through, not camped around. Like a fuel cell of a space-ward rocket - each conceptualized insight is to be felt to its fullest, at which point it is automatically ejected. When this level of ongoing integration and disintegration is allowed, I am continually moved beyond 'my initial mental understanding' into a felt-faith I call 'knowing'.

A knowing to me is a felt-resonance requiring no reason or explanation in order to be acted upon.

I also now know that when I camp around my mental understandings and treat them as destination points, I fast become dulled, stuck, and consequently the trajectory of my overall frequency lowers.

I share all these insights about mental activity with you now because they are useful in jettisoning us into the next level of our intimacy exploration: The family arena. The mental body does not like to go there - to deal with family stuff - and it therefore has lists of justifications as to 'why we can be spiritual, and still reject aspects of the work which surround our relationships with our birth family'.

When ignored, this aspect of the intimacy work leads into us camping for long periods on the outer edges of where we feel we ought to be within our lives.

Consequently, we attempt to 'save the world', yet, we despise our birth mother. We attempt to listen to God, yet, we refuse to hear the words of our birth father. We attempt to bring an awareness of peace onto our planet, yet, we fail to accept our brother exactly as he is. We attempt to heal the heart, but when our sister talks to us, we become indignant.

What the family intimacy work reveals to us experientially - more efficiently than anything else - is that, 'loving everyone does not mean we ought feel the same about everyone', nor does 'living in oneness entail betraying ourselves to try and fit in, or expecting others to fit in by insisting they behave just like us'. Living according to such mentally-manufactured assumptions drive us mental with frustration.

Our birth family is the cross we bear.

During forthcoming entries here on NAKED, this above statement becomes a revelation transforming our awareness about The Crucifixion, and what Jesus and Mary Magdalene are actually up to. Intending integration of our family emotional imprint invites personal crucifixion - and just as significantly - it initiates conscious resurrection. [Or, as some of us like to call it, 'Getting our sexy back!']

It is useful as we approach this profound family-related intimacy work, that we are open to a dismantling of our spiritual-mentality around what we think of as loving and oneness behavior. No amount of mental anal-I-sing assists us in integrating this family stuff! Therapy in this context is a complete distraction. It is, to borrow Adya's terminology, "a spiritual cul-de-sac".

What may be useful to you at this entry point into the family intimacy work is a teaching come to me through my cats:

I now take care of four house cats and three backyard strays. They are all completely different. I love them all dearly. However, this does not mean I feel the same about them all. I also intend them to live amidst each other 'as one family'. However, this does not mean I require the same behavior out of them all.

These cats have individual names, colors, and idiosyncrasies - and initially it was through these physicalized mediums that I interacted with and identified them. However, one day I realized that each cat triggered within my heart a slightly different felt-resonance. I realized that when I, through felt-perception, became aware of this resonance, I automatically said to them, "I love you." I felt this love even before it became words.

Consequently, as an exercise, whenever I encountered them, I consciously began seeking out their associated felt-resonance. I noticed how each one is slightly different. Yet, each just as beautiful. Same, but different. Same difference.

I also noticed that some of them had behavioral traits which, at times, annoyed me. Especially the strays. I again used felt-perception to energetically trace these annoyances into my own heart. By continually applying this practice of felt-perception, I realized that right within my heart - side by side with their individually beautiful felt-resonance - also nestles this felt-dissonance.

It is all, always, felt inside me.

The love and the imprinting - side by side - part of the same inner, felt-reality.

When around the cats I now choose to honor both these inner feelings, to perceive both as valid, and to allow myself to feel both exactly as they arise. However, when consciously identifying with each cat - I choose to consciously interact with the felt-essence of their individual loving presence that causes me to feel, and sometimes say, "I love you".

Whenever I now encounter them, I observe this loving feeling within my heart related to the felt-resonance I pick up when I look at them. I listen intently to this felt-resonance as I stroke them. I have already noticed, that through this shift in the placement of my attention, this beautifully individualized felt-aspect they radiate is fed and increases in presence. I have also noticed an increased unity and harmony flowing throughout the entire cat clan.

This beautifully, individually manifest, personal felt-expression of their vibrational actuality is obviously what they all have in common - even though it radiates uniquely from with each - and consequently, is felt like different chords of a tune within me. A-chord-ingly, conscious acknowledgment of this felt-resonance by me appears to unify the clan without any outer enforcement. [It also helps to de-worm and de-flea them.]

Through this revelation - through interacting with them consciously as unique felt-resonances - the cats around me are gradually transforming into vibrational beings whose individually manifest felt-resonances are becoming as familiar to me as the different names by which I address their physical manifestations.

I don't have to feel the same about each of them to love them all unconditionally. Nor do they have to behave the same way around me, or toward each other, to facilitate harmony within the clan.

Why bring this all up? Well, have you noticed how catty families can be? Some are 'in', while others behave like strays.

Believing we have to feel the same about all our family - and that they should behave in a certain way - and that we are supposed to behave in a certain way when around them - only leads to cat-tastrophe.

Fortunately, there is a more inspired approach to integrating family-related issues.


Yesterday evening I sat for a while in the back yard with my eyes closed, cat on my lap [Harmony], listening to the orchestra of sound being expressed throughout my environment.

I love to sit, close my eyes, and openly receive the fullness of what my ears hear here - everything they hear here - from cars to birds to ruffling breezes upon chimes to children's playful voices to dogs barking in the distance. I receive it and allow it all to weave into the one, unified, orchestrated movement of a song I call, "God speaking to me".

This 'conscious listening to what is', and embracing it all exactly as it is, invites me into an experience of felt-peace and unity with an efficiency unlike any other activity I know.

Every now and then, one sound may jump out and attempt to grab all my attention. This may be because it appears dissonant. Then, without any warning, I discover I am lost in 'thinking about it'. Within seconds the feeling of unified felt-peace dismantles into internal mental chatter as my thoughts hustle to place the sound back into where they think it should be within the entirety of God's orchestral make-up. Sometimes these thoughts try to make this particular sound 'go away' so I can better hear the stuff I prefer listening to.

Sometimes, because of its immense beauty, a particular sound attempts to capture all my attention. Then, without any warning, I discover I am again unconsciously adrift in thinking about it. I am describing to myself why I like it, etc. Within seconds the feeling of being immersed in unified felt-peace again dismantles into a dullness as my thoughts hustle to 'place this sound above all others', because they think it should be situated in a special place amidst the entirety of God's orchestral make-up.

In both cases, whether because of dissonance of harmony, I real eyes it is not the sound itself grabbing at my attention - but rather the feeling it inspires within me.

It appears I struggle to contain some of the feelings I hear.

This is because they trigger the discomfort of an as yet unintegrated memory within my emotional makeup. Or, for the very same reason, they move me into 'excitement'. Consequently, I addictively and reactively evacuate the felt-aspect of my heard-experience and dive head-long into 'thoughts about it'. Subsequently, the thinking-experience shifts me out of a felt-sense of unified peace and harmony.

As I sat there last night, watching myself go through this experience over and over, I realized this simple illustration is the crux of alchemy and intimacy.

Both are about listening: Listening with my ears, eyes, nose, tongue, body, and heart. Listening to whatever God is for me - which, when I remember - is everything.

Alchemy is so simple - yet, profoundly challenging: Whether I have developed the ranges of my felt-capacity to real eyes this yet or not - whatever impacts me by grabbing my attention does so because of how it causes me to feel. This may be discomfort or excitement.

The challenge is not in stopping or changing the feeling - and, it is not in evacuating my felt-capacity by initiating thinking - but rather in stopping still within what I am hearing, and instead drinking it in - as fully as possible.

To be with the felt-aspect of my experience - just as it is - without any mentally-driven plans, agendas, and predetermined outcomes - is the art of, 'Though art in Heaven'.

This 'being within the feeling of my experience' is an intimate portal. The longer I sit within this intimate portal - unconditionally - the more powerfully I respond to my individual and hence collective experience.

This unconditional felt-response sows spectacular seeds. Hindsight reveals this beyond any doubt. And, it does not matter what these seeds are - because they are always exactly what I require. Again, hindsight reveals this beyond any doubt.

It is this conscious entry into, and conscious containment of, the felt-aspect of my human experience, that initiates authentic 'intimacy within myself'. As a consequence of this consciously felt-encounter, this listening, all unfolds organically, naturally, harmoniously, and miraculously, bringing about my highest good within each moment.

I have therefore strongly encouraged myself to reread 'Revelation Of Being' on the Writings page of the The Presence Portal. Now more than ever, various aspects of God's unified orchestra are facilitating me by appearing chaotic and out of harmony. And, sometimes, overly exciting. This radiance is required. And, over the next few months, because so few of us are yet actively listening, my heart informs me the volume is to be turned up to an unprecedented level.

Listen now Michael, or be blasted unexpectedly.

I asked for change. I initiated change within myself. Here it comes. Here it is - the outer manifesting the mirrored reflection of the already adjusted inner states.

When I think too much about what is happening in the outer world - my actions are inevitably reactions. Listening unconditionally to the felt-aspect of what is unfolding is enough. Through this I receive all I require. This is enough.

When I interact with what is happening to me right now by honoring the felt-aspect of the experiences appearing dissonant - and even those appearing ecstatic - my actions are responsive.

This felt-participation - and my conscious containment of it - is alchemy, and it is also intimacy.

The key to intimacy with and within myself is 'a listening-based felt-resonance'. It is the receiving of my unfolding experiences through unconditional felt-perception.

On a level of felt-perception, 'listening and receiving are the same thing'.

With this key realization in my heart I am qualified to move from the exploration of 'intimacy within myself' into the next phase of my journey:

Intimacy with my immediate family.

Onward, inward, and upward then...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Two new videos came out today on The Presence Portal YOU TUBE Channel. They have preempted us somewhat. However, they are also right on track with where we are now in our NAKEDness. Enjoy - I absolutely did, and will again.
Thank you Roger, Niklas, Shannon & Steve.
You rock!


We know so little of ourselves, and often we relate to ourselves according to this limited awareness.

Sometimes, I have discovered it useful to behave according to 'the consequence of a premise', even though I may as yet have limited experiential evidence of its truth.

Many have told us, 'we are gods'. Many have told us, 'we are God'. Yet, for the most part, we embrace limiting behaviors because we as yet do not have any tangible, experiential evidence of such a profound truth. We may verbally declare to others we believe such a revelation to be true. However, much our behavior seldom reflects our faith in such a premise.

I have known for a long time that there is more to me than meets the eye. The physical world is a screen behind which dance immense dimensional experiences. I feel this to be true: That there are a multitude of aspects of myself who pop in and out of my experience, facilitating me as required. They have great powers I seldom comprehend. Many of these attributes have been unconsciously and addictively censored from my mundane perceptual awareness because society, in its present form, offers no avenue for such expression.

One day I decided to speak to myself in the mirror as if I was talking to all aspects of myself.

I intended the mirror to become as 'a portal' through which I communicate with these unseen aspects.

What moved me into such action was my realization that parts of what I am appeared to often sabotage me. They appeared to have intents outside those I have presently cultivated through my emotional integration and development practices. They appeared to be uninformed of my realizations. They appeared to interfere with my capacity to be consistent. I obviously had not taken the time to fill myself in.

For example, for most of my life my child self believed that the people I most love have to at some point leave, often tragically, so it is best not to love them completely and unconditionally, because I end up getting hurt.

Of course, I as an adult, now feel completely differently about the transient nature of the physical experience. Accordingly, those I love dearly are those I seek most to set free.

However, despite my current realization about this, a part of myself still resorted to sticky, clingy behavior. Accordingly, I spoke to myself in the mirror and filled myself in. I shared my insights about 'letting what I love go'. Since then, I notice I am able to let go with greater ease, and that everything I let go returns transformed, bringing with it a multitude of blessings.

One day I decided to use the mirror as a means to get all abroad - as a portal to summon my resources into a movement of collective intent. The intent to do this came out of a realization that there are as yet unseen aspects of myself not at all limited by my current emotional, mental, and physical expressions. Consequently, they are able to move through the world in mysterious ways, accomplishing tasks seemingly outside the construct of my current time and space paradigm.

They have miraculous powers!

I began talking to myself in the mirror with transformed intent. I began requesting all aspects of myself to come aboard - to support intents I realized as healthy, useful, and unifying.

For example, just recently I had a visit from my dear friend, Anton Feun. During one of our wonderfully intimate conversations on the porch over tea, he shared a piece of priceless wisdom. I sat with it, digested it, and now receive great nutrition from it. Once clear on how this realization impacts my overall intent, I went to the mirror and discussed it with myself. I said:

"Hey guys, I got something new to share with you. I like it and I hope you consider embracing it. You know how we meet all sorts of people in this world. And, on first meeting, though we come from completely different walks of life, we surprisingly discover we share the same profound truths. This immediately brings us closer together, right. But, then we make a fatal error: Without being asked to by them, we commence explaining in great detail why we believe what we believe. We start with 'the because' aspect of is truth - the mental body's reason for accepting and applying it. The shortfall of us behaving this way is that everyone who shares this exact same truth has come about it along a journey very personal to them. Just like us, they got to Rome, but upon a completely different road. So, when we place emphasis on the, 'This is true because...', we shift from having a beautifully shared truth, to manifesting a perceptual divide - and a seeming point of separation then opens up like a canyon between us. The next thing we are declaring war on each other! So guys, all I seek to share with you today is this: Our truths are all valid, and extremely powerful when embraced as part of our overall intent. We ought to live by them as best we can. However, unless someone specifically asks us how we came upon our truths - lets not start with 'the because' stuff. By ceasing this behavior, we diminish the amount of division between ourselves and all other human expressions of the vibrational in this world. And, by the way, we have a bowls match this afternoon, I may not have told you about it yet. We also have a dinner gathering afterward. So, lets have as much fun as we can possibly fit into the occasion. Thank you for listening my friend. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart - even when I am not able to feel or show it."

Then, I carry on with my life.

In the morning I attempt to remember to tell myself what I have on the cards for the day - and I ask for 'full participation' - so that every petal on the plant points toward the face the sun. Sometimes, I forget to speak to myself for a day or two. When I realize I have strayed from this aspect of intimately communing with myself, I apologise, laugh about it, and continue.

When I apply my mirror work consistently, I experience the magic of synchronicity - of taking the required action at the perfect time - and of feeling as if I am being supported through a myriad of dimensions as yet unseen and unknown to me. Accordingly, the feeling of 'loneliness' evaporates, and then the experience of 'being alone with myself' transforms into deeply satisfying encounters with many, many other dimensions.

I speak to myself as I seek to be.

Through this magical mirrored portal, my intimate relationship with myself is vastly enhanced. All my resources are summoned, my intent unified, and my overall life experience blessed beyond measure.

When I invite all of myself onboard this ride called 'living', I receive way beyond my capacity to ask.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


At the core of all intimacy work is the gentle and efficient dismantling of manipulation. When our reality is not manipulated, it effortlessly reveals itself exactly as it is - as an expression of the vibrational - and not as it is currently portrayed to be. All portrayed appearances then dissolve into actuality and pretence into Presence.

It is only possible to perceive the multi-dimensional parameters of our ongoing manipulative behavior upon the outer world - and the dire impact this intent has upon the quantity and quality of our life experience - when we are able to experientially observe this unfolding within the way we behave toward ourselves.

It is our awareness of this manipulative approach toward life that empowers us to integrate - and so heal - this predicament.

'Awareness' and 'intent' are the only tools of transformation we require to accomplish this task.

Whenever we place our awareness upon something - it begins to move - and it moves according to the dimensions of our intent in that specific moment.

It is therefore necessary to bring our awareness into the mechanics of our ongoing intent to manipulate - to examine how manipulation comes about - and through this to perceive clearly what consequence this behavior has within the relationships between the emotional, mental, and physical attributes that represent the expression of the vibrational called, 'our human experience'.

Again - a experiential comprehension of The Pathway Of Awareness and The Seven Year Cycle within the unfolding of our own life experience serve to facilitate this awareness.

[From this point onwards, I am making entries on this blog site from the point of view that you have already taken the time to read THE PRESENCE PROCESS and/or ALCHEMY OF THE HEART, and that you have explored the wide range of free materials available on the website [ ], and are therefore familiar with these two foundational aspects of this work.

If you have not, I suggest you do so, as the comprehension of the movement of our awareness from the vibrational, through the emotional, then mental, and into the physical as we enter and manifest our human experience - and, the movement of our awareness from the physical, through the mental, then the emotional, and into the vibrational as we reawaken into an experiential encounter with 'what is' - are crucial throughout all our intimate explorations.

I have taken the time to explain these on many occasions and through the many formats on the website's facilities - free audios, available CD's, free down loadable writings, DVD's, etc. Accordingly, I am not going to repeat this explanation in great detail beyond that which is required to explain what we are specifically dealing with in any given moment.

However, I will say this: If you do not yet have the experiential comprehension of The Pathway Of Awareness and The Seven Year Cycle as a basic foundation - the essence of the intent to explore intimacy - and the profound revelations and insights unfolding from such a journey - will go right over your head, as opposed to efficiently penetrating your heart. Enough said.]

Onward then...

Manipulation is essentially a manifestation of behavioral patterns arising out of our condition of imprinted emotional discomfort. As we move through our childhood experience, we function from a point of view of extreme felt-perception. We are like thirsty sponges drinking in experience primarily through our feeling capacity. Accordingly, every experience we move through saturates our emotional condition with felt-patterns [programs].

After seven years of childhood, we then enter schooling - the mental aspect of our development - and then at around 14 and our physiological shift called 'puberty' - we again refocus our awareness by placing it increasingly upon the physical aspect of our life experience.

By the time we are what we call, 'an adult', the outer physical world matters to us more than anything else. Consequently, we relate to the material world as if it is the causal point of the quality of all our human experiences. Our subsequent behavior whenever we are uncomfortable reveals the presence of this perceptual error:

Whenever we are uncomfortable we interact with our physical experiences mentally - by thinking about them, by telling stories about them, and by generally relating to them through our 'understanding'.

By the time we encapsulate this adult, physical/mental point of view - the emotional aspect of our experience becomes a back-seat driver. "Shut up back there, can't you see I'M driving." We are aware we have emotions - however, we do not regard this aspect of our experience as relevant when attempting to impact the quality of it. It is our drive - but we do not let it drive.

Generally, habitually, when we attempt to change the quality of our experience - we first observe the physical aspect of it - relate to this physical predicament mentally by telling stories - and then reactively interact with it physically and mentally through the justifications of these stories.

Yet, at the core of the quality of any experience we seek to adjust is 'a feeling'. We only seek to adjust something because of the feeling related to it is impacting us in a way we perceive as uncomfortable. However, as an adult, we do not real eyes this. We assume it is our physical circumstances or our mental functioning that is at fault.

By the time we are adults - because our capacity for felt-perception is numbed almost to the point of paralysis - it is very challenging for us to real eyes it is our imprinted emotional condition - and the uncomfortable felt-aspects radiating from within this - which is causal to any quality of our human experience we call 'uncomfortable'.

By the time we are adults, the role of the emotional attribute within our human experience is for the most part invisible - unnecessary - and, discounted as inconsequential.

We declare, "I really feel bad about this." Yet, when it comes to impacting the predicament we are referring to, we do not attempt to approach our experience of it through the parameters of felt-perception -through our perceptual conduit of 'feeling'. Instead, we attempt to impact it mentally - by thinking about it - and physically - by rearranging the physical circumstances reflecting it.

No matter how bad we feel - we still ignore feeling. Feeling is our blind spot.

Yet, it is our relationship with 'feeling' that is pivotal to comprehending the cause of all manipulation behavior.

Manipulation is a two-fisted-punch through we we continually batter ourselves and our world. The behavior we call 'manipulation' - and 'our complete lack of awareness of the role of felt-perception within the quality of our human experience' - are joined at the hip.


The first blow is the punch we deliver in an attempt to sedate and control any awareness of our authentic emotional predicament. [BAM! OUCH!]

By the time we are adults, we are masters at this. We have developed many behaviors whose only purpose is to distract us from our inner, imprinted, felt-discomfort. We use anything from food to work to sex to drugs to alcohol to pharmaceuticals to TV to accomplish this.

The moment this discomfort arises within our awareness, we reactively do something. Whatever it is we do is based upon the mental story we tell about our arising discomfort. The moment we believe the story we tell about it - we act upon it. The story is never true.

Because our felt-perception is so crippled - even though we are feeling bad - this mental story arises not out of emotional body awareness - but is instead is driven by how this inner emotional condition is being reflected back to us upon the mirror of our outer physical experience.

We think about what to do ,and then act upon these thoughts. Unconsciously, the intent driving this looped mental/physical behavior is the ridding our awareness of the emotionally imprinted discomfort underlying the experience we being faced with.

This sedation and control of what is really happening within us is the first punch we deliver.

We then immediately deliver another blow:

This second follow-up blow is usually the knockout that keeps us dumbed-down of having any experience of 'what is'. This second punch is represented by our attempt to then forcibly incorporate into our experience the feeling we would rather be having. [BAM! OUCH!]

Again, to accomplish this forced input of felt-experience regarded as preferable - we may use anything from food to work to sex to drugs to alcohol to pharmaceuticals to TV. It doesn't matter - whatever works to assist us to feel better is what we do. We think about it - then we do it. Often we just do it.

So, the first punch is to stun ourselves of any felt-awareness of our imprinted emotional condition - and the second punch, the knockout blow - is to overlay this arising imprinted felt-discomfort with a felt-experience we would rather be having.

In delivering these two blows, we render ourselves completely unconscious to 'what is'. Presence transforms into pretence. Actuality becomes 'a portrayed appearance'. There is no longer any authenticity, integrity - and definitely no possibility of intimacy.

All vulnerability to 'what is' is obliterated.

This ongoing, addictive manipulation, is the ganging up of the physical and mental aspect of our awareness upon the emotional. It is the emotional body that is consistently being battered by these two punches. We refuse to listen to it - and we simultaneously physically impose our well thought-out plans and agendas upon it.

We don't care what it has to say [through its dialogue of felt-perception]. We do not care about how it really feels. We only care about physically and mentally twisting and distorting it to accomplish a feeling we want according to what we think we are supposed to be feeling.

As an adult, until we bring these mechanics of manipulation into our experiential awareness [bullying], we are doing this within and to ourselves 24 hours a day. Even our dream states reflect this unceasing manipulative activity.

Manipulation is our every attempt to feel better - as opposed to getting better at feeling.

Accordingly, the emotional body becomes a whore, a prostitute, whose only purpose is to "shut up!", and when speaking - to only do so in a language decided upon as appropriate by the mental, and provided by the physical.

The consequence is that there is zero awareness within us of that actuality of the vibrational. We cannot authentically feel what peace or love is. We cannot authentically feel what we are or what God is for us. We only perceive distorted forms of these vibrations, which we then relate to as fear, anger, and grief.

Consequently, we are blind to the awareness that the experiential portal into the vibrational - through which its attributes manifest within our mental and physical expressions - and through which we return into a full awareness of it while in human form - is the emotional.

The emotional is 'the door'. Yet, we unconsciously and reactively build an entire life experience founded upon slamming this door closed, and in place of it, out of our thinking and doing, we manufacture artificial doors we believe have the capacity to deliver us into an authentic awareness of the vibrational.

These artificial doors we then call 'our spirituality', or 'metaphysics', and 'religion'.

Yet, without acknowledgement of the emotional body as the causal entry point into experiential vibrational awareness - these manufactured doors open only into illusionary pathways leading forever nowhere. Our 'hells' are simply experiences in which The Presence of The Vibrational is perceptually masked from our awareness - a predicament manifest entirely of our own thinking and doing.

What the heart reveals to me through the experiential application of alchemy is simple yet profound:

Until I am able to experientially perceive this predicament of ongoing manipulation within myself - I am blind to the actuality that the community upon this entire planet is reeling 24 hours a day from the consequences of this behavioral dysfunction. [BAM-BAM OUCH! BAM-BAM OUCH! BAM-BAM OUCH! BAM-BAM OUCH! BAM-BAM OUCH! BAM-BAM OUCH! BAM-BAM OUCH! Ad infinitum... ]

And, until I experientially enter the alchemical procedures empowering me to realign this energetic flow so that my behavior honors The Pathway Of Awareness -I actually believe I can rectify this predicament by thinking about it - and then by fiddling with the physical aspects of my outer world experience. And, while I conduct myself this way, I am lost: I am cleaning the mirror in an attempt to heal the pimples on my face.

Exploring intimacy with and within myself commences in the exact moment I bow to my emotional body as the current causal point of the quality of my human experience.

Exploring intimacy with and within myself commences in the exact moment I commit to feeling what it is I am really feeling.

Exploring intimacy with and within myself commences in the exact moment I stop attempting to mask what I am really feeling with feelings I would rather be having.

Until this step into alchemy is consciously and experientially entered - the step into being with what is without condition - no authenticity or integrity or intimacy is possible.

Intimacy commences the moment I commit to cease the behavior of knocking myself out - and instead make a commitment to consciously commence knocking upon the door of what is truly unfolding within me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

IN 10 2 B B 4 4 PLAY

It is a confirmation to me of where we are at, that the essence of more than a few of the "Comments" on this blog site - and of the emails I am now receiving - relate - or subtly assume and insinuate - that the exploration of intimacy is an examination of 'a way of relating to others'. Specifically sexually. When we assume this, we are misled, and our accomplishments within this exploration empty of what is profoundly possible.

Then, we mistakenly use The Holy Grail as a coffee cup.

When the word 'intimacy' is used in our world, because of the paradigm of projection through which we now stumble - it is natural we relate intimacy as being about 'our relationships with others' -specifically with 'our lover'. However, there is only one relationship that truly counts: The way we are relating to ourselves.

This is why the journey of exploring intimacy - as it is unfolding here on NAKED - commences with EXPLORING INTIMACY WITH and WITHIN MYSELF. This is a topic we shall explore for some time yet. This is the foundation upon which we acquire the key to reopen the secret doorway into Camelot which was deliberately shut and seemingly sealed forever by our fear-based, ungodly, religious programming.

An authentic exploration of intimacy intends returning us to The Kingdom of The Heart, not The Boredom of the unconscious and addictive reign of the penis and vagina.

Through all my twisting and turning, tripping and tumbling, it is clear to me - joyfully and painfully so - that my way of relating to myself is 'the primary relationship' upon which the qualities of all my ways of relating within this world are founded. When this primary relationship is empty or inadequate - I addictively pursue and use every aspect of the world for one application only: To achieve an orgasm.

Of course, there are profoundly infinite dimensions involved in exploring this 'relationship with myself' - and, we shall explore as many of them as I can express. And, along the way, we shall real eyes as clearly as a desert sunset following an afternoon downpour, that the quality of all our projected relationships - whether they be with our family, lovers, cats, dogs, and plants, are directly determined by the resonance of the way we are currently relating to ourselves. Yes, I repeat myself - but this is because this realization is causal and therefore cannot be lightly skipped over.

If I assume I am capable of establishing authentic intimate interactions with others when I am not yet able to be is way with and within myself - I am still functioning from pretence - not presence. Then, I am still functioning as if 'the quality of my encounter with the perceived other is happening to me' - as opposed to through me.

It is natural in this world, that when we hear the word intimacy, we want to rush into discussions about penises and vagina's, about nipples and soft inner thighs. This is 'the program'. These discussions have absolutely no constructive value until we develop the capacity to embraced certain realizations about the dynamics and mechanics of 'relating to ourselves'. Without first intending initiating authentic intimacy with and within ourselves - our sexual expressions remain camouflaged violence.

If we have not yet initiated sincere, inner, intimate exploration - all our outer attempts at intimacy are merely unconscious and hazardous encounters with reflections of unintegrated emotional signatures more efficiently approached within the sanctuary of our own sacred company.

If I do not first unravel and awaken to the revelations inherent in exploring intimacy with and within myself - then, I inadvertently use my outer relationships for self-deceptive purposes. Then, I try to work my personal stuff out with my family. Then, I try to work family stuff out with my lover. Then, I try to work my lover stuff out with my religion. Then my spiritual life is a farce. Consequently, all that unfolds is frustration, confusion, and an ongoing empty resonance of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Then, instead of attending to my inner child work, I call my lover, 'my baby', or I say to her, 'Come to daddy', and other ridiculously immature and revealing expressions that show I am misplacing my intimate point of you. What is my intimate point of you?

"Won't you be my baby tonight?"

"No, grow up already, go do your inner child work, and stop projecting that stuff onto me."

"I wanna be, your Teddy Bear..."

"Listen, didn't you hear a word I have been saying?"

"Aww cummon, come to daddy..."

"Do yourself and me a big favor: Go home and sit around the dinner table with your family and parents until you are at peace there. Don't bring that unresolved crap into our bedroom! This is not what a lover is for."

Those of us seeking to skip over the crucial steps of initiating authentic 'intimacy with ourselves', and then 'intimacy within our families', and who would rather go right to the penis and vagina, are best served by being confined to activities such as urination. This is because we do not yet have the capacity to contain the journey inherent in relating to another as 'a lover'.

When we have not yet first taken these crucial steps, our lover becomes a fleshy object beaten with the stick of our unresolved emotional signatures. These particular emotional signatures are always most efficiently approached and integrated alone. Then, carefully and compassionately examined in the context of 'our way of relating to the members of our birth family'. And, only then explored within the loving embrace of a complete stranger's arms and eyes.

Through NAKED I do intend exploring the dimension of 'intimacy with a lover' - in great depth - in a manner some of you may not yet have been exposed to. However, if I enter this conversation right now - without first establishing a stable context -what shall be gained shall be shallow at best.

An authentic exploration into intimacy is not about propping up, patching, and simply making do with a recycled version of a paradigm, which at its core, is impotent. [We are not politicians dealing with our planetary economic situation.] Exploring intimacy authentically is about shattering this impotent paradigm completely by revealing the radiance and revelation of a way of relating to ourselves, to our family, to our lover, and to all perceived others, that comes from beyond the confining habitual parameters of our imprinted behaviors.

I am in no hurry to approach these revelations. I am not even at the foreplay stage of the 'exploration into intimacy' yet. Through this sacred work, we call 'what love is' to ourselves so we may have the profound opportunity to set Her free. To, at this point, bring up the topic of vagina's and penises is nothing more than sloppy premature ejaculation.

I seek to be the one person I know who is prepared to be with 'what love is' in way that does not cage, confine, and attempt to use Her as a container for manipulation and ejaculation. How about you?

First having the patience and willingness to explore intimacy within myself is the honoring of the primary relationship from which the quality of all other ways of relating radiate. This honoring approach initiates the vulnerability that attracts Love's attention.

So, those of you now emailing me with sexual questions - like, "Will the breathing enlarge my penis?" Or, "How do I find the right sexual partner to start this journey into intimacy with?" - quit it!

Going anywhere near sex when we have not first initiated the intent to become authentically intimate toward and within ourselves, is like giving a religious fundamentalist a nuclear bomb: Everyone ends up getting fucked and any awareness of 'what love is' becomes obliterated.

We are right at the beginning of a marvellous journey. Best we take our attention off the orgasm for now. It is easier to take off our clothes than to become truly naked. However, as I and many of you may have already discovered - easy is overrated.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I once sat in front of a mirror and told myself everything about myself I hid from others. I even told myself about those things I pretended to hide from myself. I spoke without judgement. It was a matter-of-fact, spoken out loud, honest revealing of myself to myself about myself.

As I spoke, I felt an energetic weight lift. The more I revealed to myself about myself, the lighter I felt. I always assumed I already knew these things - but there was a part of me that felt uncomfortable - neglected - ignored - because I never told it anything. I never let myself in. No one taught me how to let myself in...

I slept so well that night and awoke the next morning with a wonderful sense of lightness - a sense of spaciousness. I felt closer to myself after that. For the first time in my life I felt like I was actually my friend.

I am my friend. I am my best friend. No matter who comes and goes I am always going to be around. Now, I trust myself with my deepest secrets. However, I do not know this to be true unless I speak to myself every day as if this is true. So, every day I go to the mirror and speak to myself. When I forget to, when days go by without a chat, I notice a dulling in my experience.

Contrary to what we are led to believe - speaking to ourselves is a healthy sign of sanity.

Once we real eyes the significance of speaking honestly with ourselves daily, we are amazed [and amused] at how much time we have wasted speaking to others about matters only we have the capacity to impact.


Approaching intimacy authentically is to sincerely ask the question:

“What is love?”

We are in error if, after asking such a question, we then attempt to use our intellect to provide the answer. Such an approach would be the same as a child in kindergarten attempting to come to terms with The Theory of Relativity.

An experiential awareness of what love actually is comes to us from what we do not know.

The capacity to authentically intimately comprehend love is given, not gotten, because attaining it is beyond our current physical limitations, mental understandings, and imprinted emotional predicament. However, this does not for a moment mean we cannot dive into its unfathomable depths. On some divine level this ‘diving into an experiential awareness of what love is’, and most likely ‘drowning what we currently assume about ourselves in the depths of what is revealed’, is what we are here for.

Love is what I am here for.

What we may trust is that by sincerely asking “What is love?” we invite a wave of unexpected dismantling and re-framing of everything ‘we thought love was’. This means a dismantling and re-framing of everything as we thought we knew it, us, and our world to be. This dismantling and re-framing of everything is what most of us are alluding to when we declare: “On some level the idea of exploring intimacy frightens me.”

It is therefore important to approach an exploration into intimacy as humbly as possible. We are to expect to, at times, to be humiliated along the way as our assumptions shatter. It is important to ask the question “What is love?” from the point of view of one who sincerely admits to knowing anything about it – even if we still mentally assume we do. Asking “What is love?” is the same as asking “What am I?” or “What is God?” There are no greater questions – and when asked sincerely – the experience we are setting ourselves up for cannot be surpassed or in any way anticipated.

What is also useful, when asking such a question, is to remind ourselves we are living in an ‘ask and receive’ and not an ‘ask and go get’ universe. This may not be obvious to us right now, because we live on a planet infatuated with seeking answers, not asking the questions. Whenever we ask a question we automatically seek a fast food version of the answer – one that can be instantly transmitted to us through a book or through mental communication from someone we assume ‘knows’.

Others may impart 'their understandings' to us – but only we have the capacity to truly ‘know’. ‘Knowing’ is a deeply, intimately, personal experience.

Accepting others understandings as being ‘the answer’ won’t wash if we are serious about exploring intimacy. Our task is not to answer the question, “What is love?” - our only task is to ask it. The question is causal – the answer if the effect. We currently live in a cause and effect paradigm, and this arrangement works well for us when we work it. It also works against us when we ignore it – or are ignore-ant of it.

Whenever we ask a question and ‘go get’ the answer using our limited physical, mental, and emotional capacities – we confine the caliber of the answer gained. What love is cannot be know through any level of confinement. For many – such limiting answers may be enough. Most of us believe what we read in books and see on TV over and above what our experience is actually revealing to us in each moment. Such an approach won’t benefit us if we intend exploring intimacy authentically.

Approaching intimacy authentically requires embracing our experience as it is unfolding in each moment as being our most highly honored teacher. When we ask “What is love?” we are served best by not trying to figure out how to answer this question emotionally, mentally, and physically. The most efficient approach is to stay in the question – to remain in a causal-consciousness about it.

When we approach the adventure of exploring intimacy in this way the answer unfolds organically - in an integrated manner - somehow revealing itself miraculously through the limited parameters of our ongoing emotional, mental, and physical experience. Only love itself knows how to accomplish an intimate response to our seeking. Being integrated and organic, the answer to this question unfolds in a manner tailored specifically for us – in a manner we are able to experientially contain according to our current perceptual capacities.

We commence such a profound journey by simply and sincerely asking:

“What is love?”

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I heard this story once about a boy-child born into this world. The first thing that happened was his mother's nipple was thrust into his face. Then, after a relatively short period, it was removed and forever hidden away from him.

Poor little fellow, without him consciously realizing it, he spent the rest of his life trying to see it and suck on it again. Every women he met became a potential candidate for this desperately sought reunion.

He was often hungry and restless because of this dilema.

Then, one day he met a very wise women. She said to him - "I am not your mother - No woman is - Leave my breasts alone - God is your only Mother - Go find her nipple and don't come back until you know what I am. Only then will I lay naked in your arms."

This really messed up everything for him. He had lived his whole life up to that moment assuming he knew what love is and why he did what he did in the world.

It was a shocking revelation: MAN-NIPPLE-NATION ... MANIPULATION!

Within this revelation he perceived clearly that while he treated women this way, while he treated ANYTHING this way - he was nothing more than an insatiable sucker.

Oh! I suddenly realized...this is a story about me!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Exploring intimacy consciously only became important to me once I first activated my intent to reestablish the frequency of authenticity, and then of integrity, within myself.

Until I explored the relevance of authenticity and integrity within my own life experience, when I heard the word ‘intimacy’, I mistakenly only associated it with words like ‘relationship’ and ‘sex’. Yes, exploring intimacy does include reexamining the experiences we call ‘our sexuality’ and ‘our relationships’, however, these two aspects are simply two granules on the beach of what a full encounter with intimacy encompasses.

My exploration into the resonance of authenticity empowered me to experientially discover that the quality of my experience was indeed ‘authored within me'. It led me into the discovery of the consequences of emotional imprinting, and the realization that within the first seven years of my life, my energetic system is deliberately tattooed by accumulated childhood experiences. Exploring authenticity revealed to me - that from my childhood experiences onward - that until I consciously impacted this predicament, it was this imprinted energetic pattern to which my circumstances bowed as being ‘the current causal point of my unfolding experience’.

Accordingly, I arrived at the realization that, ‘I only activated the resonance of authenticity within myself when I consciously embraced the responsibility to impact this imprinting in a way empowering me to become the author of my unfolding destiny’ – as opposed to having the circumstances of my life unconsciously dictated by an inherited, energetic, generational pattern.

In entering my exploration into the resonance of authenticity, I realized it was not any scripted behavior, or set of moral rules followed, or predetermined way of portraying myself to others, which qualified me as being ‘an authentic person’. Authenticity revealed itself to me simply as, ‘the consequences of intending response over reaction within each moment of my unfolding life experience’.

To respond consciously reawakens authenticity. To react unconsciously propagates pretence.

My exploration into the resonance of authenticity then led me directly into an exploration into my personal level of integrity.

Until I had commenced reactivating authenticity within my life experience, I assumed integrity had something to do with, ‘an alignment of my behavior with some appropriate moral or socially acceptable code of conduct’. However, my intent to reactivate and nurture the frequency of integrity within myself led to the discovery that my ability to resonate with integrity is directly related to my ability to integrate, and that my ability to integrate arose from my awareness of, and my capacity to work with, an energetic matrix I have since called The Pathway Of Awareness and its associated Seven Year Cycle. [These are both discussed in depth within THE PRESENCE PROCESS, ALCHEMY OF THE HEART, and various audios and writings available on ]

The revelation of The Pathway of Awareness and The Seven Year Cycle is that as I entered the world as a child and approached my adulthood, my awareness deliberately moved along a predetermined energetic trail:

For the first seven years I operated primarily emotionally, as ‘a child’. This was a time in which I was energetically imprinted [mostly through experiences impacting me at the level of felt-perception] to the point that my emotional condition became a precisely defined energetic pattern.

For the next seven years I operated primarily mentally, as a young boy – ‘a teenager’. This was a time in which I went to school, learned to read, write, count, and in doing so, to mentally translate the imprinted energetic patterns of my childhood into a conceptual reality which I now call ‘telling stories’.

For the next seven years, a period which included and followed my physiological transformation called puberty – my focus then became increasingly physically-transfixed. I was deliberately steered into entering the physical parameters of my participation in ‘the adult world’.

The Pathway Of Awareness as I entered the human experience therefore initially moved through three Seven Year Cycles that went from emotional to mental and into the physical.

My exploration into reawakening my integrity therefore had nothing to do with adhering to some sort of socially acceptable and appropriate moral code of conduct. Instead, it lay within my conscious integration and relationship with the emotional, mental and physical - the attributes that made up ‘the structure and mechanics of transient aspects of my unfolding human experience’. Integrity was therefore about 'the structure of my experience', and how sound my way of relating to it is. Reawakening integrity therefore lay within my establishing a conscious relationship with the emotional, mental, and physical parameters of my human experience in such a way that correctly aligned my personal intent with the intended roles/functions of these three attributes.

While I mistakenly attempted to impact the mental aspect of my experience [my thoughts, concepts, and stories] and the physical aspects of my experience [my physical body and the physical circumstances through which I constantly moved] as the causal point of anything, I remained what I now regard as, ‘out of integrity’.

It was only when I embraced my imprinted emotional condition as being ‘the currently relevant causal point of the quality of my human experience’ that I authentically reactivated my integrity. Then, my physical world became of service to me as a mirror – as a divine messenger manifest in a myriad of forms showing me outwardly what I did not yet have the capacity to perceive inwardly about my imprinted energetic condition. And then, my mental world became as a conceptual passageway delivering my awareness from the revelation of the outer physical mirror, inwardly, toward the point of actual felt-perception that experientially revealed the texture of imprinted emotional condition requiring impacting with my compassionate awareness.

Very importantly, I also realized that, ‘the emotional aspect of my experience is only a causal point while it remained imprinted in a manner that distorts the radiance of my authentic essence’ – which I now call the vibrational. In other words, the imprinted emotional body is ‘the current causal point’ – not ‘the actual causal point’. This is because the actual casual point of all is what I call ‘the vibrational’ – and, the vibrational to me is that which is beyond the confines of the transient conditions of time and space in which the emotional, mental, and physical operate.

I realized that unless I embarked upon the journey of integrating my imprinted emotional condition, my authentic essence – the vibrational – remains masked by this ongoing energetic distortion. This is because - according to The Pathway Of Awareness that was revealed to me -my awareness of the vibrational would continue to first be channeled through, and consequently defined by, the imprinted energetic predicament within my emotional body. I would then encounter it radiance as the consequent emotional distortion [fear, anger, and grief] which would then impact the nature of my mental activity [confusion], which would then impact the reality of my physical circumstances [outer disharmony]. In other words, while remaining emotionally imprinted [programmed], I remain hidden from myself by a mask of radiating energetic distortion.

It became clear to me that if I wanted to real eyes my authentic vibrational essence, it was pointless dabbling with my physical circumstances or my mental make-up – for while imprinted - these remain me mere dancing shadows of reality - as reflections of distortions being initiated by my childhood imprinting. It became obvious to me that, only by impacting these imprinted emotional patterns in a manner that integrated their conditioning impact on the vibrational realm emanating through them, would the vibrational reveal itself to me in all its pristine glory.

Accordingly, my physical and mental attributes became dethrone as ‘the rulers of my world’, and once again took up their rightful positions as ‘servants’ – whose primary task in my evolution is to lead me into a greater awareness of my imprinted emotional condition. I subsequently took outdated assumptions like, ‘thought creates’, and ‘I think therefore I am’, and tossed them into the trash.

Consequently, ‘feeling to heal’, or ‘being unconditionally with the felt-aspect of my discomforts’, replaced ‘understanding’ and ‘outer doings’ as a tool for causal integration.

It was therefore only through the insights and revelations of exploring authenticity and integrity that I finally committed myself to the task of integrating my imprinted emotional condition as being of the highest priority. And, it was only when I made this commitment to myself – to feel to heal - that I discovered the profound relevance of intimacy within the evolution of my human experience.

Without first activating authenticity and integrity – exploring intimacy remains a shallow excavation of a very, very deeply concealed artifact.

Consequently, the word intimacy revealed itself to me as, ‘into me and see’. [Not as into-you-and-see.]

Accordingly, my entire outer physical life experience, and the concepts and stories I attached to it, become as divine opportunities assisting me within the exploration of my inner emotional condition. Then, the exploration of intimacy, wielded as a deliberate intent, becomes the key to unlocking the emotionally imprinted doorway that masks – through the resonance of its imprinted energetic distortion – the true face of my vibrational essence.

The moment I committed myself to becoming intimate with myself, I automatically activated what I call ‘a radiance’. This activated radiance brings with it an ongoing unfolding of revelation and insight previously hidden from me. It is the illuminations of this ongoing radiance, and its consequential revelations and insights, that I now seek to share with you. Some of these that we shall explore along the way include:

- The realization that intimacy is much more than ‘relationships and sex’. We shall examine how it raises these two frequencies to their highest potential.

- The revelation that consciously activating authentic intimacy within our human experience is the key to experientially knowing what we are, what love is, and so what God is.

But, there are many other fruits to this journey – and I will discuss them too from the point of view of my personal experiences.

In its most profound revelation – intimacy reveals, and hence dismantles, the camouflaged resonance of inner and hence outer manipulation through which the physical and mental set themselves up as dictators, who for eons have enslaved the emotional. Exploring intimacy authentically liberates us men [for we require it most] from our conceited historic perspectives – and when we are liberated – all woman within our experience are naturally allow ‘to be’.

When I realized the consequences of awakening authentically, with integrity, into what the experience of exploring intimacy offers – I discovered that such a journey is simultaneously the most painful and beautiful exploration I may ever undertake.

It is also the most well-hidden, because by keeping this frequency of ‘being with ourselves’ concealed from ourselves, we remain ignorant of what we actually are, what love actually is, and what God actually is for us. And, while this ignorance reigns supreme – we live a life as humans doing everything conditionally [mainly for others], instead of humans being unconditionally with each other [for us all].

And, this is possibly enough of an overview of my intended exploration into intimacy to get us going. I invite you to join me for this ride, and I invite you to take a moment to share your insights.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Throughout the last six month process of repositioning and resettling myself, I have consistently been asking [internally] what the most significant contribution is I may make to our human experience at this time? The same answer comes back over and over again:

To share the insights I receive/d from my experiential exploration into intimacy with you.

I know from my own explorations that exploring intimacy in all its profound radiance is one of the most significant inner/outer journeys we humans are wired to enter.

Exploring intimacy experientially - and the consequences of doing so - is such an extensive topic for discussion - and the revelations awakened are profound, liberating, and paradigm shifting. I intend now using this blog site to share whatever comes up in the moment as I now revisit the insights and revelations gifted to me through all my consciously and unconsciously entered intimate encounters.