Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I heard this story once about a boy-child born into this world. The first thing that happened was his mother's nipple was thrust into his face. Then, after a relatively short period, it was removed and forever hidden away from him.

Poor little fellow, without him consciously realizing it, he spent the rest of his life trying to see it and suck on it again. Every women he met became a potential candidate for this desperately sought reunion.

He was often hungry and restless because of this dilema.

Then, one day he met a very wise women. She said to him - "I am not your mother - No woman is - Leave my breasts alone - God is your only Mother - Go find her nipple and don't come back until you know what I am. Only then will I lay naked in your arms."

This really messed up everything for him. He had lived his whole life up to that moment assuming he knew what love is and why he did what he did in the world.

It was a shocking revelation: MAN-NIPPLE-NATION ... MANIPULATION!

Within this revelation he perceived clearly that while he treated women this way, while he treated ANYTHING this way - he was nothing more than an insatiable sucker.

Oh! I suddenly realized...this is a story about me!