Saturday, March 21, 2009


We know so little of ourselves, and often we relate to ourselves according to this limited awareness.

Sometimes, I have discovered it useful to behave according to 'the consequence of a premise', even though I may as yet have limited experiential evidence of its truth.

Many have told us, 'we are gods'. Many have told us, 'we are God'. Yet, for the most part, we embrace limiting behaviors because we as yet do not have any tangible, experiential evidence of such a profound truth. We may verbally declare to others we believe such a revelation to be true. However, much our behavior seldom reflects our faith in such a premise.

I have known for a long time that there is more to me than meets the eye. The physical world is a screen behind which dance immense dimensional experiences. I feel this to be true: That there are a multitude of aspects of myself who pop in and out of my experience, facilitating me as required. They have great powers I seldom comprehend. Many of these attributes have been unconsciously and addictively censored from my mundane perceptual awareness because society, in its present form, offers no avenue for such expression.

One day I decided to speak to myself in the mirror as if I was talking to all aspects of myself.

I intended the mirror to become as 'a portal' through which I communicate with these unseen aspects.

What moved me into such action was my realization that parts of what I am appeared to often sabotage me. They appeared to have intents outside those I have presently cultivated through my emotional integration and development practices. They appeared to be uninformed of my realizations. They appeared to interfere with my capacity to be consistent. I obviously had not taken the time to fill myself in.

For example, for most of my life my child self believed that the people I most love have to at some point leave, often tragically, so it is best not to love them completely and unconditionally, because I end up getting hurt.

Of course, I as an adult, now feel completely differently about the transient nature of the physical experience. Accordingly, those I love dearly are those I seek most to set free.

However, despite my current realization about this, a part of myself still resorted to sticky, clingy behavior. Accordingly, I spoke to myself in the mirror and filled myself in. I shared my insights about 'letting what I love go'. Since then, I notice I am able to let go with greater ease, and that everything I let go returns transformed, bringing with it a multitude of blessings.

One day I decided to use the mirror as a means to get all abroad - as a portal to summon my resources into a movement of collective intent. The intent to do this came out of a realization that there are as yet unseen aspects of myself not at all limited by my current emotional, mental, and physical expressions. Consequently, they are able to move through the world in mysterious ways, accomplishing tasks seemingly outside the construct of my current time and space paradigm.

They have miraculous powers!

I began talking to myself in the mirror with transformed intent. I began requesting all aspects of myself to come aboard - to support intents I realized as healthy, useful, and unifying.

For example, just recently I had a visit from my dear friend, Anton Feun. During one of our wonderfully intimate conversations on the porch over tea, he shared a piece of priceless wisdom. I sat with it, digested it, and now receive great nutrition from it. Once clear on how this realization impacts my overall intent, I went to the mirror and discussed it with myself. I said:

"Hey guys, I got something new to share with you. I like it and I hope you consider embracing it. You know how we meet all sorts of people in this world. And, on first meeting, though we come from completely different walks of life, we surprisingly discover we share the same profound truths. This immediately brings us closer together, right. But, then we make a fatal error: Without being asked to by them, we commence explaining in great detail why we believe what we believe. We start with 'the because' aspect of is truth - the mental body's reason for accepting and applying it. The shortfall of us behaving this way is that everyone who shares this exact same truth has come about it along a journey very personal to them. Just like us, they got to Rome, but upon a completely different road. So, when we place emphasis on the, 'This is true because...', we shift from having a beautifully shared truth, to manifesting a perceptual divide - and a seeming point of separation then opens up like a canyon between us. The next thing we are declaring war on each other! So guys, all I seek to share with you today is this: Our truths are all valid, and extremely powerful when embraced as part of our overall intent. We ought to live by them as best we can. However, unless someone specifically asks us how we came upon our truths - lets not start with 'the because' stuff. By ceasing this behavior, we diminish the amount of division between ourselves and all other human expressions of the vibrational in this world. And, by the way, we have a bowls match this afternoon, I may not have told you about it yet. We also have a dinner gathering afterward. So, lets have as much fun as we can possibly fit into the occasion. Thank you for listening my friend. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart - even when I am not able to feel or show it."

Then, I carry on with my life.

In the morning I attempt to remember to tell myself what I have on the cards for the day - and I ask for 'full participation' - so that every petal on the plant points toward the face the sun. Sometimes, I forget to speak to myself for a day or two. When I realize I have strayed from this aspect of intimately communing with myself, I apologise, laugh about it, and continue.

When I apply my mirror work consistently, I experience the magic of synchronicity - of taking the required action at the perfect time - and of feeling as if I am being supported through a myriad of dimensions as yet unseen and unknown to me. Accordingly, the feeling of 'loneliness' evaporates, and then the experience of 'being alone with myself' transforms into deeply satisfying encounters with many, many other dimensions.

I speak to myself as I seek to be.

Through this magical mirrored portal, my intimate relationship with myself is vastly enhanced. All my resources are summoned, my intent unified, and my overall life experience blessed beyond measure.

When I invite all of myself onboard this ride called 'living', I receive way beyond my capacity to ask.