Thursday, April 23, 2009


It is simple [but not necessarily easy] to initiate a conscious exploration of intimacy with another: We approach them and say, “Would you consider exploring intimacy with me, physically, mentally, and emotionally, with the intent of achieving experiential vibrational awareness through this experience?”

They will either run, or say yes. Such a proposition beats, “Wanna go out to the movies?” However, for those only desiring movies, popcorn, and casual sexual encounters, a proposition of this nature can be somewhat intimidating.

If another verbally agrees to enter this intent experientially with us, then, by nature of saying “Yes”, the journey is officially initiated. This is the power of intent.

As a consequence, our experience whenever with and apart from them, then deliberately unfolds in such a way that all which stands between us experiencing authentic intimacy when in their company organically begins to surface. Just as in THE PRESENCE PROCESS, whatever inhibits the experience of authentic intimacy between us whenever we are together surfaces in the guise of ‘upsets’ – or ‘set-ups’, as we have come to call them in this work.

And, just as THE PRESENCE PROCESS applies consciously connected breathing as the experiential tool to activate awareness of our emotional imprinting – a conscious exploration into intimacy also comes with a powerful activating tool: Gazing. Or, as we may refer to it once having experienced its profound power - ‘amazing gazing’.

Just as with any modality which uses the breath as an activating tool, the practice of gazing is magnified by the intent driving it. And, just as breathing is also used as a tool to enhance other practices other than emotional cleansing, such as yoga, self-hypnosis, and deep relaxation, gazing also has various applications. It is therefore necessary to clearly establish the intent driving the practice of gazing before entering into it with another.

In the context of exploring intimacy consciously with another, the intent of gazing as a practice is: To awaken the experience of authentic intimacy within us [and within our interactions with the companion with whom we are making this journey] by revealing where we are energetically blocked to the intended experience due to our emotional imprinting.