Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Integrating imprinting related to our birth brother/s [and if we do not have one – anyone currently playing this role for us] integrates all issues regarding how we relate to our mental attribute.

Our current relationship with our brother reveals ‘our mentality’.

Our brother symbolizes ‘the teachings of our life experience’. He represents, ‘the acceptance of our moment-to-moment experience as being our highest teaching’.

Integrating all imprinting related to our brother requires ‘embracing our life experience as being our Truth, our Light, and our Way’, through which we attain vibrational awareness while evolving in the material realm.

To accomplish integration of our brotherly imprint requires a conscious intent to embrace our life experience as valid and to recognize that our life lessons are delivered to us through the consequences of any movement we initiate.

To accomplish brotherly integration, we place our attention internally upon the image of our brother [whether he is still in this world or not] or whoever plays this role for us. Whatever story arises is to be dismissed. Whatever felt-experience arises is to be ‘felt without condition’.

Being with the feelings which arise when we bring an image of our brother into our awareness is the causal point birthing the responsive activity which sows the movement leading into the full embrace of our personal experience as being valid.

This is one of the primary teachings of our brother: Our life experience is deliberately tailored. Embracing it as completely valid, just as it is right now, is the only means for us to accomplish conscious approach, entry, and transition through the 2012 portal.

When we place our attention upon the image of our brother and experience feelings which cause us discomfort – it is because we have not yet accepted our life experience to be our ultimate truth. It means, on some level, we still expect others to lead us, or show us the way. We still seek to be ‘a follower’. Our task is to integrate these emotional signatures so we real eyes that following our own footprints is the long and winding road which leads us.

When we are authentically able to trust our life experience, to value it above the experiences revealed to us by all others, our relationship with our brother enters harmony. This is because, when we accept our experience to be holy truth for us, we automatically discontinue invalidating our brother’s experience.


Our brother then becomes our friend and is released from having to play this antagonistically reflective role for us. Then, peace is felt and we are able to be in our life experience knowing that while here, all of it is our holy teaching.

Realizing the holy teaching inherent within the consequences of all our actions is the gift from our brother. Our brother says, “Your life experience as it is right now contains all the lessons you require.”