Wednesday, April 1, 2009

INTEGRATING OUR FAMILY TREE – Part I – Crucifying Ourselves

The cross may have been franchised out by Christianity – but as a metaphoric symbol – it belongs to all of humanity regardless of race, religion, and gender.

When we discover the structural mechanics responsible for the manufacture of our human experience, we simultaneously real eyes what the symbol of the cross communicates.

It is a multi-dimensional portal through which we die to pretence and awaken to presence. It is the symbolic meeting point of time [the horizontal] and space [the vertical] in the heart center.

It is the 2012 gateway being consciously opened [again] by all who practice authentic alchemy.

Fulfilling the intent of the cross is the promise of intimacy.

It is held up for our facilitation by the trinity of authenticity, integrity, and intimacy.

We pass through into the resonance of authenticity when we turn inward upon our own personal daily occurrences of fear, anger, and grief, and shine the divine resonance of our beingness upon these emotional imprints with unconditional compassion.

We then pass through into the resonance of integrity when we turn inward upon the reflections of fear, anger, and grief we unconsciously cast upon our birth family, and choose to consciously integrate these in the same manner – through unconditional felt-perception.

These first two levels of heart-work introduce us to practices of intimate inner work which in turn equip us with the capacity to look intimately into the eyes of our lover and experientially real eyes what God is for us.

But first – becoming authentic…

When we intend initiating authenticity, we discover that the causal point of the quality of our experience is being dictated by the imprinted condition within our emotional body.

We vibrate, therefore we feel these vibrations, therefore we think about them, and therefore we do stuff.

What we feel about these vibrations determines what we think about and how we subsequently ‘do’ as a consequence of this thinking.

Taking responsibility for our experience therefore means taking responsibility for what is unfolding within the feeling realm as programmed imprinting.

Through an active intent to integrate these imprints, we real eyes our experience is masterfully constructed of four attributes: The vibrational, mental, emotional, and physical – and that each have function and divine purpose.

Like a car – driving requires becoming familiar with all the controls, and with how each is designed to relate to each other with the intent to manifest movement.

We too reside in a car of sorts: However, to most of us, the human vehicle is at present an unidentified flying object.

Alchemy is the art of flying through portals. Intimacy provides the required momentum.

It is only when we approach the vibrational, emotional, mental, and physical through our heart that we are able to bring our experience into the balance required for deliberate movement.

To accomplish this, we use the physical as a divine mirror, the mental as a divine messaging system, the emotional as the altar of integration, and the vibrational as the overall facilitator.

Once this alignment is made, each attribute then takes on its highest potential function: The vibrational is a guidance system, the emotional is the fuel system, the mental is the navigational system, and the physical is ‘a vehicle’.

We have then accomplished the perceptual shift from victim to victor to vehicle.

We have moved from complaint through competition and into compassion.

Without the vehicle we cannot travel through these perceptual portals.

When in balance and ready for movement, the vibrational is symbolized as ‘beingness above us’, the mental as ‘beingness on our right-hand-side’, the emotional as ‘beingness on our left-hand-side’, and the physical as ‘beingness below us’.

When these four attributes become consciously hinged through our heart, the shape of a cross is automatically manifest as an energy system in which we consciously reside.

The Celtic Cross as used as an appropriate accompanying images because the woven symmetrical designs upon it represent an integrated energetic relationship between all four attributes.

The cross mirrors our human body and contains within its symbolism our evolutionary intent.

When we intend to integrate our generational imprinting - our ‘family issues’ - we are consciously approaching our crucifixion.

We approach our crucifixion by consciously retracing our steps along The Pathway of Awareness.

We first try to adjust our experience physically – fearfully - because the world ‘matters’ so much to us. We manipulate. We fail.

We then try to adjust our experience mentally – angrily - through understanding and argument. We manipulate. We fail.

Finally, through grief we enter fully the authentic condition of our imprinted emotional body and real eyes we have discovered the causal point of the quality of our experience:

Our broken heart.

We try everything to ‘fix our heart’. We even try to get rid of what we really feel by attempting to feel better.

We discover that nothing we do with our hands helps. All our doings fail. Trying to feel better does not assist us to get better at feeling.

Accordingly, our busy hands become useless to us – and so are metaphorically nailed down.

We discover that, ‘Wherever we go [run], there we are’. We real eyes we have to face ourselves wherever we stand, sit, or lay our heads. Each moment is the same when we run across this earth is search for what we carry within our own hearts. When we behave like this we reside in The Boredom.

Accordingly, our legs no longer serve us and our feet become metaphorically nailed down.

We try to think, scheme, plan, and mentally manipulate our way through our suffering. We fail. A crown of thorns is finally place upon our head – our ‘bloody thinking’.

The more we struggle, the more pain we inflict within and without.

We sob.

Blessed are those who intimately sob within the embrace of their own sacred company, for they shall be comforted by experientially awakening into the vibrational.

Eventually, ‘being with what is without condition’ is all we have left.

In this moment of 'nothing to be done' we are crucified.

We discover it takes three full days of being without condition focused compassionately upon the causal point of any primal, generational, imprinting, for us to completely integrate the illusion, and so to rise up from the death of the perceptual actuality our imprint has been masking.

Because we are so resistant – we sometimes stretch these three days out over months and even years. For most of us, facing up to three days of ‘what is’ can take lifetimes.

We remain crucified until experientially realizing ‘the radiance of being’ as causal to all life.

There is no greater cultivator of intimacy with and within oneself than crucifixion.

Crucifixion is the portal from doingness into beingness.

Once we are crucified, our life journey becomes a living cross upon which many others die to their illusions.

It is necessary to have been through a few crucifixions before consciously entering ‘the family work’.