Saturday, April 11, 2009


When we catch ourselves asking, "How do I find the right person to explore intimacy with?", or something to that effect - we are both seeking in the wrong place and in the wrong way.

'Looking for' is getting behavior. Intimacy is only possible within a resonance of giving and receiving.

A companion to consciously explore intimacy with is always given when we are ready to receive.

When we 'look for someone', we merely seek out a reflection of our imprinted, unconscious definition of love in another. Then, at some point, we inevitably try and change that person because what initially attracted us [the passion!] becomes the same thing that we run from [the poison!] when what we wanted is not possessed.

The most efficient approach is to become curious about the experience of intimacy itself. What does it feel like to be truly intimate with a lover?

Forget conjuring up the identity of a lover. Rather ask to be given the experience of intimacy. Become fascinated with intimacy itself - not with another person.

Once our fascination is authentic - the experience is unexpectedly, magically, and powerfully given!

When we catch ourselves 'looking for someone' - good time to visit the mirror.