Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Integrating imprinting related to our birth mother harmonizes the way we relate to our material experience.

Our mother is ‘what matters’. She is the entire natural world. She is nature. Nature nurtures. This entire spectrum of our relationship within our material experience is encapsulated in our current relationship with our birth mother.

How we feel about our mother right now is an authentic reflection of how we really feel about being on planet earth right now.

Integrating all imprinting related to our birth mother requires the willingness to awaken our inner mother by in a sense 'becoming our own mother’. To accomplish this requires learning how to nurture ourselves.

Nature teaches nurturing.

To accomplish this at a causal level, we place our attention internally upon the image of our birth mother [whether she is still in this world or not] or whomever is playing this role for us right now. Whatever story arises is to be dismissed. Whatever felt-experience arises is to be ‘felt without condition’. It is this simple and this challenging.

Being with the feelings which arise when we bring an image of our mother into our awareness is the causal point for birthing the responsive activity which sows all movement leading into authentic self-nurturing.

When we place our attention upon an image of our mother and experience feelings which cause us discomfort – it is because we have not yet mastered the art of nurturing ourselves while journeying through the physical world. It also means our relationship with nature is out of balance. On some level, we still expect others to play the mothering role for us [especially our lover]. We still seek s/mothering by another.

Our task is therefore to consciously and compassionately integrate all uncomfortable emotional signatures related to our birth mother – and all humans currently cast in ‘a mothering role’ toward us.

When we are authentically able to nurture ourselves, our relationship with our mother enters harmony.

Our birth mother then becomes our friend, and is released from having to play such a role for us. So are all others currently cast in this role.

We are then able to 'be' in this material world knowing that while here, all of nature is our mother. This earth is our true mother. She provides the entire physical nurturing pantry we require for our individual and collective evolution. She gives freely – our manipulative behavior hurts and is not required.

Our mother loves us.